RTStand Radar – automated testing solutions for Radar / RF

Production test systems are based on critical criteria such as product measurement traceability and reliability, product variant handling, fast and stable testing process in order to reduce test times and lower costs. RTStand Radar joins all these criteria in just one test platform and add its own top features for an innovative testing approach.

On top, performant Radar / RF Analysis tools enhance the RTStand portfolio and allow indepth characterization of Radars, using powerful Radar Target Simulators for 24GHz and 77GHz applications.

Radar / RF Support

  • Parameter measurements including analysis and reporting in various formats (*txt, *.csv, *.html, *.xml)
  • Power measurements, bandwidth measurements, frequency and out-of-band (OOB) measurements as well as signal/jitter measurements for determining the radiation characteristic
  • Integration of NI Vector Signal Transceiver technology for spectrum, bandwidth and frequency measurements: RTStand RF Analysis
  • Database management, including scalable design and automated measurement logging
  • Reporting of production key figures such as work shift management and yields
  • Long-time measurements with climate chamber communication

Radar Target Simulator

  • 24 GHz and 77GHz layouts
  • Upgrade to 2 GHz chirp processing bandwidth possible (currently up to 1,7GHz)
  • Minimum range between the RTS antenna and the Radar sensor: ca. 50cm
  • Simulation range: 5-100m typical, more also possible
  • Range increments: 10cm or lower
  • Doppler simulation
  • Dynamic range: 60 dB typical
  • Simulated target: one moving target or several static targets: one RTS per target; several RTS can simulate various angles