RTStand Industrial – customer-specific testing solutions for industrial automation

RTStand is a customizable HIL test and simulation platform, created to support critical tests during development, validation and production processes of electrical and electronic components. RTStand also supports Industry 4.0 applications, by being an open platform that can evolve with changing customer demands and market trends, and is able to leverage new technologies.

Whether to standardize user experience throughout various departments, by using the RTStand User Interface, define a common platform for all testing needs or simply using a higher-entry level point in the world of automated testing, RTStand is the perfect platform to start with!


  • Support of Windows and real-time functionality
  • Support of development, validation, functional and production requirements
  • Support of 3rd party software and hardware tests
  • Support of Big Data solutions
  • Support of all other native RTStand HIL features

Example of real-time testing using Matlab model integration

Example of RTStand2Go plugin for IoT / Industry 4.0