RTStand Gateway – automated testing solutions for automotive

Overall, ECUs are critical to the functionality of a vehicle and all of the bus traffic. It is important to test them in a variety of ways, according to industry requirements, so that all sporadic and short errors can be detected in a reliable way. Using RTStand Gateway, the overall process of testing and error reporting is being significantly simplified and accelerated.


  • Scalable systems between 1 DUT and 6 DUT in parallel
  • Support of up to 42 CAN, 18 LIN, 18 FlexRay ports and their configuration files (*.dbc, *.ncl, *.ldf, FIBEX)
  • Support of DMM, AIO, DIO etc
  • Support of onboard supply system simulation
  • Support of Diagnose over IP and over CAN
  • Support of WakeUp and Sleep tests
  • Support of various climate chambers
  • Support of all other native RTStand features

RTStand 3-Click Method for error mining in data analysis

RTStand NCL & TDMS Viewer & Converter for Routing tests