Thank you for an amazing VIP 2016!


We would like to thank all the VIP 2016 visitors for having so much interest in our products and for giving positive feedback for our RTStand and Automotive talks. It humbles us and pushes us to work even harder to bring better products on the market.

And a very big thank you for National Instruments for organizing an amazing event, as every year so.

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Both WKS talks will be available online soon.

RTStand User Interface talk @vip2016 - Andreea Solomon

RTStand User Interface talk – Andreea Solomon

Automotive trends talk @vip2016 - Ronald Kaempf

Automotive trends talk – Ronald Kaempf


Discuss solutions for automotive with WKS experts at VIP 2016!

26.-27.10.2016 Fürstenfeldbruck/München, Germany

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld

STAND 5 (Neues Foyer)

WKS Informatik  is present at the VIP 2016 (https://germany.ni.com/vip) with new solutions for automotive testing.

On both event days you can attend WKS talks and discuss directly with our experts about your testing needs.


12:15-13:00 LabVIEW Tools – Demonstrated by the developers (7×5)

WKS demonstrated the RTStand User Interface, a framework reducing developing times and training costs.


14:15-15:00 Experience, Trends and Solutions for Automotive Electronic

WKS presents its solutions for automated  LV 124, gateway and RF testing: RTStand LV124 and RTStand Gateway.

Visit us at our booth and learn how WKS integrates National Instruments technology for creating better products for you!


Thank you for a successful NI Days event in Budapest, Hungary!



WKS Informatik would like to thank National Instruments for inviting us to this year’s NI Days in Budapest and also all the customers that visited our booth. The positive feedback and the interest in our products confirm that WKS Informatik has valuable solutions for automotive testing systems. Learn more about them at:





NI DAYS – Meet WKS and experience RTStand


04.10.2016 Budapest, Hungary

WKS is present at the NI Days in Budapest on the 4th of October.
Visit us at our booth, watch our RTStand talk and learn more about our solutions for automotive testing: RTStand LV124 and RTStand Gateway.

TUBE ANALYZER – winner of the WiR and Kreissparkasse Innovation Award – Press reports

Tube Analyzer, LV124

That the Innovation Award won by the Tube Analyzer is an important economical marker for the region, it is proven by the various reports in the regional press.
We are proud of this achievement and would like to thank once again the WiR GmbH and the Kreissparkasse for the award.

Contact us if you are interested in the Tube Analyzer and its integration in an automated RTStand LV124 testing system!

Tube Analyzer, LV124

TUBE ANALYZER – winner of the WiR and Kreissparkasse Innovation Award

Tube Analyzer, LV124

Tube Analyzer, LV124

WKS Informatik is proud to announce that its product Tube Analyzer won the Innovation Award of the WiR and Kreissparkasse.

This award confirms not only the top technical features of the product, but also the innovative force and economical success of WKS Informatik.

According to the jury, “due to the deeper and precise analysis capabilites of the Tube Analyzer, the quality of measurement systems can be improved drastically. The product, and the concept behind it, can sustain the company for the following years, as there is no comparable product on the market and the diversity of its use cases can open a bigger market.”

Contact us if you are interested in the Tube Analyzer and its integration in an automated RTStand LV124 testing system!

RTStand, LV124

RTStand LV124 – fully-automated testing system for LV124

WKS Informatik successfully delivered the newest fully-automated testing system for the LV124 automotive norm.

Based on the award-winning products RTStand and Tube Analyzer, and also integrating the Ultra-fast Interrupter – UFI, the RTStand LV124 testing platform allows the users to comfortably run tests according to the LV124, while considerably reducing the analysis time.
The RTStand platform gave the flexible environment needed to easily integrate other devices needed for LV124 purposes (e.g. 4Q Amplifiers, Power supplies etc.).

Using Tube Analyzer capabilities, the system achieves a sampling rate of 100KHz, 100 times faster than that of common testers, and monitors 96 channels in parallel. The UFI usage allows the system to automatically perform the critical interruption tests described in the LV 124 norm.

Contact us if you are interested in an automated LV124 testing system!

RTStand, WKS, NI, Testing Expo

Automotive Testing Expo 2016

WKS Informatik thanks all the visitors at our booth and our trusted partner, National Instruments, for a very successful Automotive Testing Expo 2016 in Stuttgart.
We have received positive feedback for our top products, RTStand and Tube Analyzer, confirming the expected quality and trust that our clients have in WKS Informatik.

RTStand, WKS, NI, Alliance Partner 2016

WKS Informatik is Alliance Partner of the Year 2016

As the first company to receive the Alliance Partner of the Year award in two consecutive years, WKS Informatik is very proud of this achievement.
The last years were very successful for WKS Informatik, not just regarding bussiness figures, but also concerning the development of the employees.

“We have many new ideas and follow our strategy, to better position our customers on the market using our dedicated solutions. With National Instruments we have the most reliable partner for future on our side.” – Ronald Kaempf, CEO, WKS Informatik GmbH

RTStand, WKS, NI, Alliance Partner 2015

WKS Informatik is Alliance Partner of the Year 2015

WKS Informatik was awarded by National Instruments as the Alliance Partner of the Year 2015. The decision was motivated by:

– high certification level of WKS Informatik’s employees

– high revenues for software and hardware NI products

– highly innovational software, like RTStand and Tube Analyzer

– realiable partnerships with its clients and NI