Thank you for an amazing VIP 2016!


We would like to thank all the VIP 2016 visitors for having so much interest in our products and for giving positive feedback for our RTStand and Automotive talks. It humbles us and pushes us to work even harder to bring better products on the market.

And a very big thank you for National Instruments for organizing an amazing event, as every year so.

Follow our internet channels and learn soon about our automated testing solutions:

Both WKS talks will be available online soon.

RTStand User Interface talk @vip2016 - Andreea Solomon

RTStand User Interface talk – Andreea Solomon

Automotive trends talk @vip2016 - Ronald Kaempf

Automotive trends talk – Ronald Kaempf


Discuss solutions for automotive with WKS experts at VIP 2016!

26.-27.10.2016 Fürstenfeldbruck/München, Germany

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld

STAND 5 (Neues Foyer)

WKS Informatik  is present at the VIP 2016 ( with new solutions for automotive testing.

On both event days you can attend WKS talks and discuss directly with our experts about your testing needs.


12:15-13:00 LabVIEW Tools – Demonstrated by the developers (7×5)

WKS demonstrated the RTStand User Interface, a framework reducing developing times and training costs.


14:15-15:00 Experience, Trends and Solutions for Automotive Electronic

WKS presents its solutions for automated  LV 124, gateway and RF testing: RTStand LV124 and RTStand Gateway.

Visit us at our booth and learn how WKS integrates National Instruments technology for creating better products for you!

RTStand, WKS, NI, VIP 2014

Impressions from Technology and User Congress VIP 2014 by National Instruments

22nd-24th October in Fürstenfeldbruck by Munich.

WKS Informatik’s team would like to thank National Instruments for the great event organisation and all of the visitors who made the succesful days possible in Fürstenfeldbruck.

RTStand, WKS, NI, VIP 2014

WKS Informatik is awarded this year’s Technical Innovation Award for RTStand / CEO Ronald Kaempf is pictured with Rahman Jamal, Technical & Marketing Director Europe NI, and Daniel Riedelbauch, Marketing Manager Central Europe NI

RTStand, WKS, NI, VIP 2014

Client discussions at the WKS Informatik booth

RTStand, WKS, NI, VIP 2014

WKS Informatik presents its newest products: Tube Analyzer and Ultra-Fast Interrupter, parts of the LV 124 test strategy

RTStand, WKS, NI, VIP 2014

Technology and User Congress VIP 2014 by National Instruments

22nd-24th October in Fürstenfeldbruck by Munich.

Take advantage from using inteligent technologies and let yourself inspired and informed at the 19th Technology and User Congress “Virtual Instruments in Practice”, VIP 2014, through ideas and use cases from many industry sectors. Between 22nd and 23rd of October, VIP 2014 offers engineers, scientists and researchers a forum, to discuss current issues and future challenges directly with professionals and NI experts, as well as exchanging ideas for further innovations.

The ever-growing system complexity and power reflects in the specifications, development process and testin. That’s why many projects have delays or even fail.

At this year’s congress, participants will be able to attend different practice talks about Validation & Verification of Test Systems – from requirements definition, over hardware-in-the-loop tests, until configurable, automated testing. In this context, clients and partners will present actual solutions, as well as tools and best practices to tackle complex requirements.

Wednesday, the 22nd October, 15:00 – 15:30

Test strategies for electrical tests according to LV 124 – Presenting a solution for gateway qualification according to LV 124 norm.

Ronald Kaempf, WKS Informatik GmbH | Ralf Zimmermann, Continental AG

RTStand,Technical Innovation, Award,NI

RTStand wins the National Instruments Technical Innovation Award 2014

“This distinction, awarded by the National Instruments’ Systems Engineering department, goes to the Silver Alliance Partner WKS Informatik GmbH. WKS, for over 20 years Alliance Partner, has a high standing with the SE and R&D and has been an “Early Adaptor” of new NI technologies for many years, adopting them promptly, following the newest trends and developing innovative products based on them.(„RTStand”).

The combination between structured knowledge and continuing training in workshops, proof of concept supported by the System Engineering department and the close cooperation with R&D and Marketing, brought WKS Informatik on the path of winning the Technical Innovation Award 2014, which was accepted at the Alliance Day by the CEO Ronald Kaempf.”