Discuss solutions for automotive with WKS experts at VIP 2016!

26.-27.10.2016 Fürstenfeldbruck/München, Germany

Veranstaltungsforum Fürstenfeld

STAND 5 (Neues Foyer)

WKS Informatik  is present at the VIP 2016 ( with new solutions for automotive testing.

On both event days you can attend WKS talks and discuss directly with our experts about your testing needs.


12:15-13:00 LabVIEW Tools – Demonstrated by the developers (7×5)

WKS demonstrated the RTStand User Interface, a framework reducing developing times and training costs.


14:15-15:00 Experience, Trends and Solutions for Automotive Electronic

WKS presents its solutions for automated  LV 124, gateway and RF testing: RTStand LV124 and RTStand Gateway.

Visit us at our booth and learn how WKS integrates National Instruments technology for creating better products for you!

RTStand, LV124

RTStand LV124 – fully-automated testing system for LV124

WKS Informatik successfully delivered the newest fully-automated testing system for the LV124 automotive norm.

Based on the award-winning products RTStand and Tube Analyzer, and also integrating the Ultra-fast Interrupter – UFI, the RTStand LV124 testing platform allows the users to comfortably run tests according to the LV124, while considerably reducing the analysis time.
The RTStand platform gave the flexible environment needed to easily integrate other devices needed for LV124 purposes (e.g. 4Q Amplifiers, Power supplies etc.).

Using Tube Analyzer capabilities, the system achieves a sampling rate of 100KHz, 100 times faster than that of common testers, and monitors 96 channels in parallel. The UFI usage allows the system to automatically perform the critical interruption tests described in the LV 124 norm.

Contact us if you are interested in an automated LV124 testing system!