RTStand LV 124 – fully-automated testing system for Lv 124

In recent years, the automotive industry has been faced with technical challenges that had to comply with various industrial norms. One of the most important of these norms is the LV 124, which was drawn up by the representatives of automobile manufacturers like Audi AG, BMW AG, Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG and others. LV 124 describes various electrical tests and their requirements. An innovative modular hardware setup and three ready-to-use WKS Informatik GmbH products – the TubeAnalyzer , UFI Switch and RTStand – are integrated in this test setup.

RTStand LV 124 and its core product, Tube Analyzer, support a modular test strategy according to the LV 124 norm. The Tube Analyzer is a measurement and analysis component, developed for the LV 124 norm, with flexible hardware layout (between 8 pins and more than 96 pins). RTSTand LV 124 is specially designed to fully-automate the LV 124 tests and to reduce testing times and costs. Through the modularity of this concept, the investment protection of companies is assured even when modifying test requirements and DUT definitions, lowering the total cost of ownership.

Find sporadic errors for LV124

  • Tube Analyzer innovative data logging and analysis
  • Support of up to 400 pins in parallel
  • LV124 norm: E01-E22 electrical tests
  • Parameter tests
  • Climate Chamber control
  • Restbus simulation
  • Ultra-fast Interrupter for LV124 capabilites
  • RTStand platform

Build on a flexible platform

  • Modular hardware setup
  • Modular software components
  • Quick adjustment to new requirements and new DUT types
  • Based on NI TestStand configurable test sequencer capabilities
  • Configurable software modules
  • Customizable RTStand User Interface
  • Configurable E-Test order
  • Powerful Log Viewers for fast data analysis

Reduce testing costs

  • Reduces up to 50% analysis times
  • Reduces up to 75% testing times
  • Reduces your Total Cost of Ownership
  • Immediate integration in the National Instruments world
  • Worldwide hardware support through National Instruments
  • Continuous software maintenance

Example of an automated LV124 test using RTStand LV 124

Tube Analyzer – innovative device for LV124 automotive tests